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Environmental Assessments

To evaluate environmental conditions, assessments are required by industry, banks, insurance companies, buyers and sellers of property, and by regulatory agencies. Using state of the art technologies, we provide all types of site and subsurface investigations.

● Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

● Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

● Hazardous Material Assessment & Management

● Risk Assessment & Management

Phase I Assessments by ESG
Soil Testing

Soil Sampling & Well Monitoring

ESG will identify the source, extent and degree of contamination by collecting soil and/or groundwater samples for laboratory analysis. We provide complete consulting services in the areas of geo-technical, soil and groundwater testing.

● Conventional Soil Boring & Direct Push Probes

● Groundwater Flow & Transport Modeling

● Geotechnical Site Assessments

● Groundwater Monitoring Well Construction

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