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Mold Testing



Mold is present everywhere in the environment and the presence of mold indoors does not necessarily mean that a problem exists. ESG offers a wide spectrum of services ranging from simple surface sampling of suspicious areas to a complete mold investigation of the entire property. If it is deemed necessary, air and surfaces samples can be collected for analysis and identification. A written report details our findings and makes recommendations for eliminating and preventing mold growth. 

Molds are forms of fungi that are part of our natural environment,

and can be found both indoors and outdoors. There are an estimated

100,000 different species of mold currently identified by Scientists. 

Outdoors, mold plays an essential part in breaking down organic

matter, such as leaves and dead trees. Indoors however, mold

can grow in damp environments and can release spores into the

air that can have an impact on a person’s health and on indoor

air quality. People living or working in environments with mold

contamination can suffer health related problems. 

Even though there are currently no standards to measure mold levels, mold can be a serious health risk for some people. Inhaling mold spores may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Molds can also cause asthma attacks in asthmatics. Today, with tighter building construction techniques being used, buildings and homes can become a breeding ground for mold amplification. Mold will likely grow and become a problem in an indoor environment where there is excessive moisture, such as water damage, leaks or high humidity. Mold can also grow in areas that are not properly ventilated, such as bathrooms or near poorly sealed windows where moisture condenses.  Some common sources for mold growth include carpet, ceiling tiles, paper, wood and drywall. 

ESG’s services include investigating and sampling for microbial contaminants, designing and implementing mold remediation protocols and providing cost-effective solutions to improve indoor air quality. ESG offers a full range of services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. You will receive a full written report with lab results (if sampling was conducted) which includes recommendations as necessary.

Services Provided:

● Visual Assessments

● Surface & Swab Sampling

● Air Sampling

● Clearance Testing

● Pre & Post-Remediation Testing

● Protocol Development

● Moisture Content Assessments

*Many professional certifications are staff-awarded. This means you pay a fee and pass an exam to get certified. Our certifications are board-awarded. This means that certification only occurs after a group of independent industry peers offers unanimous approval based on training, education and experience. Our certifications are accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Board.

Mold Testing & Inspection
Mold Sampling by ESG

Indoor Air Quality Studies

Indoor air quality can be five times worse than outdoor air quality. Tighter construction techniques limit air exchange rates causing pollutants to accumulate. There are also many items in any structure that can release pollutants thereby compounding the problem. Poor indoor air quality can cause a wide variety of health symptoms.

The professional staff at ESG provides a full spectrum of indoor air quality testing.

● Mold - Council-Certified Residential Mold Inspector

● Toxins

● Carbon Monoxide

● Particulates

● Carbon Dioxide

● Asbestos

● VOCs

● Radon

● Temperature & Humidity

● Bacteria

      ● Allergens

      ● Soot/Char

*American Council of Accredited Certifications   The industry's oldest, most respected indoor environmental credentials. 

Mold Testing NWI
Mold Testing Certification
Mold Certification
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